Fume PREMIUM Budureasca


Being a blend between Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, this wine was given a lot of attention in order to achieve the perfect balance. The name of the blend is derived from its flavors, similar to the smoke, derived from the oak barrel wood, in which the wine was aged. Fume Premium has become one of the most appreciated wines of the Budureasca Winery not only because of the international medals won, but also because of its originality.
Wine made from grapes harvested at full maturity (D.O.C. - C.M.D. Dealu Mare).

Yellow straw, with exotic fruit nose and oak notes, which delight the senses. Fresh and complex taste, smoke, vanilla and baked quince. The palate feels delicate and pleasant in acidity level, and the aftertaste is fine and consistent.
It can be combined with fish (especially cod or mackerel), chicken wings in the oven, seafood, grilled marinated vegetables, fresh cheeses and carbonara pasta.
Recommended serving temperature: 10-12 °С.

  • Price per bottle

    9.49 EUR

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