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Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to safeguard your personal information all the time.  Below you may find useful information regarding the processing of your personal data by EXPANDION Sarl as well as of your rights.

1. Data administrator   

EXPANDION Sarl is the data administrator and you may contact us via traditional or electronic mail for any queries you may have.

55, rue du Soleil  |  L-2544 Luxembourg



2. Type of data we process and it´s sources
We process the data that we receive through our account relationship with you.  In particular, the data we process about you include but are not limited to personal data such as your name, physical and E-mail address, phone number, signatures, data received in the context of the products and services you use, communications (e.g. exchange of letters with you), advertisement and sales data (e.g. potential interesting products for you), pictures of you (taken for example during events organized by EXPANDION Sarl) etc.


3. Purposes and legal basis of data processing

3.1. For the performance of contractual obligations  
We process your data for the performance of our contracts with you, e.g. execution of your orders and other services as the case may be.


3.2. For purposes that are in our legitimate interests
We may also process your data on the basis of a balance of interests to pursue our legitimate interests. This is carried out for the following purposes:                                                  
- For client advisory services and sales.
- For general management and development of our services and products.
- For the fulfillment of the internal requirements of EXPANDION Sarl, including risk management, to assure the safety and continuity of our services.
- For advertisement, marketing and promotion.
- For the establishment, exercise and defense of legal claims.

3.3. With your consent  
In limited circumstances, your data may be processed with your consent which we obtain from time to time such as when you consent to marketing, or processed with your explicit consent in the case of special categories of personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time subject to the applicable laws and regulations.
3.4. For the compliance with a legal obligation  
The processing activities performed in order to ensure that EXPANDION Sarl fulfills its legal and regulatory obligations include, among others, the verification of your age and credentials, as well as compliance with tax-related monitoring and notification obligations.


4. Data retention duration  

We will keep your data for as long as is necessary for legal or regulatory reasons or for legitimate organisational purposes.


5. Your other data protection rights    

Under certain legal conditions, you have the right of access and to object to processing of your data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority.   

5.1. Right to object relating to your particular situation
You have the right to object at any time, for compelling and legitimate reasons relating to your particular situation, to the processing of your personal data except in cases where legal provisions expressly provide for that processing.    

5.2. Right to object where your data are processed for direct marketing purposes
We may, within the legal limits, process your data for direct marketing purposes. You have the right to object at any time to processing of your personal data for such marketing. If you object to such processing either via traditional or electronic mail addressed to EXPANDION Sarl, your personal data will no longer be processed for such purposes.


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