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Crama Oprisor 'Cupola Sanctis Sfantul Ioan' (dry) box of 6 bottles

Crama Oprisor 'Cupola Sanctis Sfantul Ioan' (dry) box of 6 bottles


Saint John is an intense ruby blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which develops bold notes of spices, dried plums, chocolate and accents of berries, spices, vanilla and butter. Dense and velvety, with pleasing and elegant tannins, the wine has a friendly structure but also a depth that dries you to the sensation of spice and wood.

Its structure indicates that the wine has good potential for evolution and aging.


The story of CUPOLA SANCTIS collection starts with three wines made in limited editions: Sfantul Gheorghe /Saint George/, Sfantul Dumitru /Saint Demetrius/ and Sfanta Ana /Saint Anne/. The aim of this was to pay reverence to the deepest and most intimate feeling encountered in Inmost Oltenia: the faith.

Cupola Sanctis wines are bottled in small series. Each individual bottle has a special label representing one of eleven Orthodox Saints.

Heralded by the Angel, empowered to fill with sacred grace his mother while still in her womb. John the Baptist stands for the most honoured saint of Christianity.


This wine pairs excellently with carmelized pork and other pork dishes,  goulash, pasta with rich sauces, grilled and well marinated vegetables, quiche Lorraine, pizzas and cheeses with strong personality.


Serving temperature: 16 – 18 ° C.