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ROSU de GITANA (dry) box of 6 bottles

ROSU de GITANA (dry) box of 6 bottles


A blend of 85% Rara Neagra and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

Clear deep ruby red in colour, with subtle spiced nuances and flavours of bright blackberries and plum. Touches of leather and spice add depth, despite the fruit forward style. Medium bodied, with a soft mouthfeel and tannins, and lightly spiced finish.

Maceration and fermentation takes place in oak wood vats for a period of 15 days. The maturation is done in stainless steel vats and rods on fine yeasts. Fermentation is carried out with the help of the selected yeasts. The maceration is made with the purpose of extracting soft tannins and to produce balanced wine with a complex structure.


Pairs with soft cheeses, pasta dishes, grilled meat and vegetables.