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DRĂGAICĂ ROȘIE OPRISOR (dry) box of 4 bottles

DRĂGAICĂ ROȘIE OPRISOR (dry) box of 4 bottles


Four important red varieties from the Oprişor Vineyard create this wine: Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz. DRĂGAICĂ ROŞIE combines Feteasca Neagra’s grace and Cabernet Sauvignon’s force, Merlot’s velvet and Shiraz’ spiciness.

Well-balanced, harmonious, with intense and pleasant nuances developing flavours of dried plums, currants, slightly burnt wood and milk chocolate.

It’s appropriate to the aim it was created for: association with pork, beef and game dishes.


Belonging to the fairies’ kin, the mysterious Sânzianas are able to bring good luck, to heal the sick and bless “the star water” (the morning dew sprung after their Night), but also to take the mind of those who look at them while they dance above lakes or treasures. When Romanians turned Romans’ Sancta Diana into Sânziana, the local mythology kept in mind the birth of Drăgaicas (from drag = “dear”), beings who, during Sânzianas’ Night, herald love. The way the feast has since been celebrated was extended from the flowers put under the pillow to wreaths of goldenrods (Sânziana’s flowers) thrown in the cattle herd, in order to learn the age of the foreordained. In case the villagers keep their word – that is they don’t perturb spirits’ peace by taking water out of the fountain at night nor commit other deadly sins –, Drăgaicas protect the crops and keep sickness away of the children put in dancing virgins’ arms.

They say: “Good things happen to those who have learnt to wait.” And this wine is a proof that hard work and patience are rewarded. DRĂGAICA does not break in, but waits until it finds an ideal partner. Decanted at large and drunk from the best glasses, the wine offers an unforeseeable line of notes and aromas, while telling a long, a very long story. A benevolent story teller who, instead of contradicting you, leads you by hand to the place you can find certitudes. It’s a friendly, never authoritative, noble, powerful and… a very special wine.