Tamaioasa romaneasca NOSTALGIA Viisoara

Tamaioasa romaneasca NOSTALGIA Viisoara


Tămâioasă Românească is a grape variety with a tradition of over 2,000 years in Romania. Although its origins are uncertain, it is known that the grape comes from the South of Greece, from the Muscat family and it is one of the oldest varieties in the world. It is considered as a famous variety of white wine grape that is mostly concerned with the production as well as preparation of one of the most aromatic wines of the world.
Pale yellow, with delicious notes of exotic fruits. With aging the flavors of ripe papaya and honeycomb become intense, well supported by robust structure and balanced acidity giving the wine amplitude and length.
One may serve it as an aperitif or with salads and desserts.
Serving temperature: 10⁰-12⁰ C

  • Price per bottle

    7.99 EUR

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