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Cuvée NOBLE 5 (dry) box of 6 bottles

Cuvée NOBLE 5 (dry) box of 6 bottles


Noble 5 is a special wine, the "child of the soul" of the oenologist of the Budureasca Winery, Stephen Donnelly. Obtained exclusively from grapes selected from the best plots, the vinification of this wine was done separately for each variety. The must was soaked for over 20 days, then the wines were matured in French and Romanian oak barrels for 9-12 months, depending on the evolution of each to the perfect balance between structure and flavors. After this period, only the best barrels were chosen to form Noble 5. It took another 3 months to compose this blend, during which time the winemaker sought and perfected the harmony of the 5 varieties ( Fetească Neagră, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir). Each variety has its own unique characteristic which gives this wine it’s complexity and nobility. Noble 5 is an intense ruby   red   wine   with   a rare aromatic   complexity and   taste. Intense dark ruby, with aromas of cherries, plums, blackcurrants and marzipan. It has an elegant structure and a fruity taste, which develops into a long and pleasant aftertaste. It is a wine that shows its true potential over time, having a great potential for aging in the bottle. The taste is spectacular, when you  think  you got it,  a  new  flavor  appears.


Excellent pair for dishes based on duck, beef and lamb accompanied by fruit sauces and rosted potatoes.

Serving temperature: 18-20˚C






    Silver medal – Decanter, 2018
    Gold medal – IWCB, 2018&2015
    Bronze medal – IWC, 2018
    Silver medal – Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2017&2015
    Gold medal- Berlin  Wine  Trophy  2014
    Silver medal – Mundus Vini 2014
    Bronze medal – Intl. Wine and Spirit Competition 2014



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